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dear yoda: maythe4th 2016 letter!

hello!! I'm super stoked to be doing this exchange & I'm 100% confident that anything you write or draw me is going to be excellent, dear gifter. =w=

I am going to apologize real quick tho bc a lot of my requests were kind of samey; I didn't really understand the idea behind the way signups were setup, so I tried to cover most of my bases.

likes include: Super cute brofics! Silly domestic AUs that still fit the characters! Mind fuckery. Angst, h/c especially. Universe-specific hijinks, like maybe missions run together with characters that don't necessarily get along. Either super silly & lighthearted or so sad you think you might die. Gen is a fave of mine, so don't be afraid to write something without sex. Established pairings, esp in character studies. Character studies by themselves, or meta about their relationships. Smoopy gestures from characters that aren't smoopy, especially if that gesture is particularly in character (& therefore probably silly).
I usually prefer serious fic, but IC humor is always awesome.

dislikes include: Kidfic, including pregnancy & esp mpreg. Genderbends. Crossovers, which I don't think is an option for this one but I put it in anyways just in case.

Kinks kind of change depending on the pairing, & I'll add those in as necessary, but here's a good list of what basic things I like:
Kink likes: Magic-involved sex, esp Force-sensitives. Breathplay, holding down wrists & hips are both faves. Mind fuckery, to an extent. Hate sex, dubcon is fine. Biting super hard or bruising one another with hickeys/biting too hard. Marking each other w bites or hickeys (or maybe light cuts?) to show ownership. Ownership especially is great but only if they're both consensual- I love dynamics where they both know they can destroy each other, or one is much more powerful than the other in some way & still lowers themselves to the other.
Kink dislikes: A/B/O anything, forever. Scat/watersports. Super heavy and/or weird BDSM (like puppyplay) (but light bondage stuff is fine).

For fanwriters!:
Kylo Ren -
easily my fave character besides rey. I love meta, I love character studies, I love dealing w his personal mental mess. I love looking at his relationships, esp with Snoke & how not cool that is in all ways. his past, his present, his thousand different futures- I love it alllll.

-Hux/Kylo Ren
Their dynamic is really fascinating! I love to read fic that's them looking at their relationship and each other, because they both have a violently different way of looking at everything & it's fun to watch them deliberate. You can focus on Hux too, if you'd like! but Ren is def my fave of the two. =w= they are absolutely my otp for this fandom.

AUs are awesome! if you can think of something that fits w any of the other prompts, go for it! I'll be interested in reading whatever you can come up with. emperor hux is cool! force sensitive hux is cool!

also like I said above gen fics or fics without sex are aces too! also, it doesn't have to necessarily involve either or both of them getting redeemed; they can still be awful, I'm cool with both.

short prompts:
hate sex; "what's under the mask"; feeling owned either physically or emotionally; rough sex; weirdly gentle sex; wicked duo going to rule the galaxy together; Hux using Ren to his own purposes & Ren either not realizing or knowing & not caring; aftermath of the end of the movie; Hux realizing how badly Snoke treats Ren & reacting; learning how to be gentle with each other, or rediscovering gentleness; some kind of nasty domestic cuteness that is punctured by their constant bickering & cruelty towards the other (but they love it, bc who the fuck else is putting up with their nonsense); ren having to save hux from something or the other way around; honestly you could probably just put their faces near each other & I'd love it lmfao

-Ren & Leia
oh my god. this kills the man, every time.

my personal headcanon is that these two were super close beforehand & that to a point she kind of understands what's going on with him. she's seen a lot throughout her studies & work, and I absolutely believe that while it'd be hard for her to deal w him & they'd have a lot to get through, maybe eventually they could be okay again.

this stuff can also have some background kylux if it's going to have something to do with ren being in a relationship; otherwise, I don't ship ren with anyone else.

"you came back"; old rituals they used to have; leia used to braid his hair- maybe if he comes back he lets her do it again?; ben & leia teaming up against han for Extra Sass Points; ben telling leia about what he's doing at jedi boot camp; leia having to convince ben to go to jedi boot camp; leia & ren relearning to be around each other; leia & ren being close after they've already dealt with the damage; leia & ren knowing the feeling of each other through the Force & watching each other throughout the years- related to this, maybe ren is sick to his stomach about the planets but can feel his mother's energy still after the fact & is relieved.

my little jedi baby. I love character studies & meta involving her too. I'll love fics about her building things or scavenging things, I'll love fic about her sewing her clothes together or playing with her hairstyles. basically if rey's in it, I'm about it.

-Rey & Finn
these babies. I prefer platonic but it can be a little crushy/snuggly. them sharing a room together; them both learning how to exist in a new society; them having to deal with everything they've been put through together. Rey having a hard time letting years worth of scavenging go, especially in weird ways- hoarding clothes, maybe, or constantly discussing what's worth how many credits. Finn having to adapt to Rey's odd habits and usually wanting not to be touched/to be alone when he's more used to constantly being surrounded by people. Rey teaching Finn the intricacies of a lightsaber & him teaching her how to use it more like a sword & less like a quarterstaff. Finn with the force??

-Rey & Kylo Ren
I don't ship these guys, but they still have a fascinating dynamic. her feeling his constantly swinging from one side of the force to the other and learning to exploit it, or her learning how to fight him and besting him easily. her having to partner up with him to defeat someone, maybe snoke. AUs where they grew up on Jakku together as scavenger cousins (not related is fine too), or maybe an AU where she's the dark knight Ren & he's the scavenger. them growing up together, related or not, and learning how to deal with the other's weird habits & mental things. him teaching her the different ways of the force from his perspective. hair care tips with kylo ren.

For fanartists!:
Honestly most of what I put up there for writers is going to be aces, because I tried to word most of it ambiguously enough to have room for art & writing, BUT if you're particularly stuck & would like to draw some smutty Kylux, this gift I got for the Kylux exchange is cool! The bruises in a collar around Ren's neck is the best thing ever & I would ADORE art for it. This is a NSFW fic tho, so be warned!

thank you so much!