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vbabs ([personal profile] dadcastellanos) wrote2017-01-04 05:20 pm

snowflake challenge days 3 - 4

missed a day! oh well, we'll just play catch up right now. =w=

Day 03
In your own space, set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not, public or private.

I actually put a bunch on my listography, but I'll put them all here too!

-write 365k words this year. I even applied @ [community profile] inkingitout to keep me accountable! I did this comm last year too, and ended up making my 100k goal in June, so I thought why not try again with a bigger one! it's a 1k a day challenge I saw on tumblr. I'm still thinking about trying to do chocobox again, which I did last year, but I think considering I'm having trouble writing of my own accord right now, I'd end up defaulting. no bueno!
some things I signed up for/thought of to make this goal go easier:
-[profile] 12month_challenge
-[community profile] monthlysupergo
-writing a drabble or so for every song on a character playlist I've made. I'm starting with Kylo Ren, at a whopping 144 songs. x_x

all my other goals are:
-knit more, esp since I want to open my etsy shop! I have a bunch of washcloths done but I want to actually knit up colors that go together so they sell easier.
-read more! had a thought to make a DW bookclub.
-get through more of my steam list/netflix list, both of which are... 100+ titles of unseen/unplayed stuff
-start streaming! I'd like to be a youtuber and I think this'd help with my steam list- playing games for other people will make it easier to get through them! and I'm really into streaming for people & having walkthroughs & stuff. it could lead to money but honestly I just want to do it because it seems fun, the money'd be a bonus haha! maybe if I did start making money I could start donating to charities!
-keep eating better/start working out again- more for health benefits than losing weight, bc honestly the PCOS keeps me from losing too much weight but I can still work on cardio!

Day 04
Comment to someone you haven't ever interacted with before or introduce yourself to someone you've interacted with and friend/follow them.

omg I just friended a BUNCH of new people from that really cool friending meme going around! which I think is a REALLY NEAT IDEA and I'm so glad it happened, I was hoping to make more friends to read/comment to this year!! so hello all my new friends! let's be buddies. ;w;

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