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this is a list of the fanfiction I've posted both here & elsewhere; will be updated as needed. each link goes to the post on this journal with the full breakdown of tags, warnings, characters & etc, each post both links to the AO3 entry & has the full story text.

organized by fandom & post date.
-> linked title - fandom designation if applicable, relationship, rating, word count; tags.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
-> lOve - tony stark & natasha romanoff, rated Teen+, 976 words; banter & platonic relationship.

Star Wars
-> gentle - SW: OT, luke skywalker/han solo, rated Mature, 754 words; emotional h/c & cuddles.
-> again and again and again - SW: OT, luke skywalker/han solo, rated Explicit, 2500 words; dirty talk, dark!luke, power bottom!luke, vaugely dubconish.
-> watch and learn - SW: TFA, hux/kylo ren & hux/phasma & hux/kylo ren/phasma, rated Explicit, 3069 words (harrr harrrr); PWP, blow jobs, face sitting, pegging, chair bondage, crying, begging, consensual kink, overwhelmed tears.
-> the long road back - SW: TFA, kylo ren/hux, rated Teen+, 4495 words, 2/? chapters; What-If
-> meeting father - SW: TFA, kylo ren/hux, rated General, 2441 words; established relationship, minor character death mention.
-> checking in - SW: TFA, kylo ren/hux, rated Mature, 1178 words; under-desk blowjobs & humor.
-> the alternative - SW: TFA, kylo ren/hux, rated Mature, 3539 words; suicidal thoughts.
last update: 02/15/2016