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knitting project: the girlfriend sweater

named such just because I.... am knitting it for my girlfriend, haha.

project: on ravelry || the actual post (scroll down for english)
-size 10 circular needles in almost every size, I shit you not. casted on on bamboo ones that are I want to say 12"? I'll have to look
-2 skeins Lion's Brand "Wool-Ease" super bulky in "granite" - I know it's supposed to be bulky, but when she picked her own yarn out she got the wrong size & I didn't think to check it before we left. tbh it's not a bad thing so far? it's knitting up pretty well, I'm just worried it's going to end up being kind of too hard to fold as a turtleneck? since it's the beginning of the sweater. we'll just have to see, haha.
-5 skeins Loops & Threads "Charisma" bulky in "forest"
started: Dec 5 2015
finished: not finished yet

I know, I know- acrylic yarn. it's cheaper this way & that's what she wanted, so.

I've actually made this project before! when I did my Zacharie cosplay (OFF) I ended up knitting it in like a week and was casting off & weaving ends as I walked into the con, haha. I offered to make her one a long time ago and am only just now getting to it, whoops. once finals are over I'm pretty sure I'll have it done pretty quickly, just gotta survive to then, haha.

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