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chocolate box 2016 request letter

hello!! this is my first time writing one of these so excuse how ridiculous & all over the place it is, haha.

I tried to give you a wide array of things to choose from for each fandom & w general likes/dislikes; my ships usually tend to be one or two at most per fandom, which I know is frustrating, haha. I hope I gave you enough to work w! & tysm for your gift ahead of time!!

Fic likes: Super cute brofics! Silly domestic AUs that still fit the characters! Mind fuckery in the relevant fandoms (Evil Within, Resident Evil, etc). Angst, h/c especially. Universe-specific hijinks (like the Assassins hiding in a cafe bitching about the coffee). Either super silly & lighthearted or so sad you think you might die. Gen is a fave of mine, so don't be afraid to write something without sex. Established pairings, esp in character studies. Character studies by themselves, or meta about their relationships. Smoopy gestures from characters that aren't smoopy, especially if that gesture is particularly in character (& therefore probably silly).
Fic dislikes: Kidfic, including pregnancy & esp mpreg. "Genderbends". Crossovers.

Kinks kind of change depending on the pairing, & I'll add those in as necessary, but here's a good list of what basic things I like:
Kink likes: Magic-involved sex, esp w Loki or Force-sensitives. Breathplay, holding down wrists & hips are both faves. Mind fuckery in relevant fandoms. Hate sex, dubcon is fine. Biting super hard or bruising one another with hickeys/biting too hard.
Kink dislikes: A/B/O anything, forever. Scat/watersports. Super heavy and/or weird BDSM (like puppyplay) (but light bondage stuff is fine).

Star Wars:
-Hux/Kylo Ren.
Huge, huge, the hugest. Prompts include: hate sex; "what's under the mask"; feeling owned either physically or emotionally; rough sex; weirdly gentle sex; wicked duo going to rule the galaxy together; Hux using Ren to his own purposes & Ren either not realizing or knowing & not caring; aftermath of the end of the movie; Hux realizing how badly Snoke treats Ren & reacting; honestly you could probably just put their faces near each other & I'd love it lmfao
-Kylo Ren/Poe Dameron.
I dig both fics in which they knew each other before & fics in which they didn't! so don't be afraid to play with the past if you're so inclined. Prompts include: past romance now leading to present awkwardness; reformed!Ren & Poe having to relearn who the other's become; hate sex outside of the war (like hiding in bars together) based on what used to be or even just the now;
-Luke Skywalker/Han Solo.
ssssuper new to this one, honestly, so be gentle, haha. luke/han only, not luke/leia/han. Prompts include: Han teaching an amused Luke how to shoot only to find he's a crack shot; Luke trying to get Han to meditate to hilarious results; dark!Luke needing talked down by/manipulating Han somehow; super kinky dirty talk, esp if Luke's riding the life out of Han

Resident Evil:
-Chris Redfield/Albert Wesker
you can play this either before Raccoon or after if you want! I'm cool w domestic & horrifying evil fic alike. Prompts: Chris gets caught sleeping over at Wesker's place before Raccoon; Chris always buys Wesker coffee he doesn't like (sweet ones) but he ends up liking them; Chris goes darkside for/because of Wesker; mind control!; shacking up every so often even though they hate each other; secretly involved even after Raccoon; secretly involved before Raccoon; self-sacrifice

-Sherry Birkin/Jake Mueller
I put both / and & on there bc I like the idea of an ace!Jake being bros w a panpoly!Sherry. Prompts: helping Sherry pick out clothes & she's pretty not self-confident at all; helping Sherry pick out things for her brand new apartment which she can't believe she has; them maybe moving in together? disaster; cute banter; sex in public places; going on missions together; tracing scars; dealing w the past

Evil Within: This is kind of my most favourite game of all time. I'm super stoked it's on there!
-Sebastian Castellanos/Ruvik
Prompts: Ruvik is part of his head now- this can manifest in him trying to solve cases w Ruvik commentary or be a part in any other story, or maybe dream/hallucination!sex or smth; monster!seb; seb's stuck in MOBIUS & finds Ruvik isn't dead; Ruvik & Seb trying to make being mentally connected work w a relationship but it's pretty miserable; being stuck in STEM; "fuck, I think- I think it got my leg"

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