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Movies Seen in 2015

this is basically taken straight from my bullet journal! I only just started the journal like a month ago, so it's not exactly a good list of everything new I've seen this year, sadly. But! next year will be better. =w=

the idea is to have it so I know what new movies I've seen this year, and by new I mean new to me.

* = seen in theatres
~ = seen at home
- the scale. 1 - 5, with 1 being "enh" and 5 being "tattoo this movie on my eyelids".

*Jupiter Ascending - only saw it once. Kind of super fun and I'm lying if I ever insinuate I don't want her wedding dress & Cain's wonder skates.

*Kingsman: The Secret Service; March 7th - saw it the first time for Lindsey's birthday, and we liked it so much we saw it like 5 more times so we could 1) enjoy ourselves and 2) take all our friends. haha.

*Avengers: Age of Ultron; April 21st, midnight - saw the IMAX version at midnight, of course, and then saw it one more time in a normal theatre. tbh, I supremely dislike Joss Whedon and everything he ever does involving my baby, Iron Man, so. Nnnnot a fan. not the WORST MCU movie if we're including the Hulk movies but woooooof.

*Spy - don't remember the day. Saw it for funsies, had a lot of fun. Some not okay jokes but a lot of totally okay jokes and the main character was awesome.

*Ant-Man; July 20th - literally saw it because I heard Howard Stark was in it. it was actually pretty fun and you can definitely tell that Edgar Wright was involved. =w=

*The Man From UNCLE; around August 13 - was super looking forward to this movie. super, super disappointing. Had a lot of great humour but was ultimately undone by the nonsensical ending and a whole lot of boredom.

*The Iron Giant Remaster; Oct 4th - my bestie wanted to see this so we did. Cried like a baby. two new scenes and the animation was gorgeous. still stands up, tbh.

*Crimson Peak; Oct 15 - oh, oh my god, oh my god I love this movie so much. We saw it four times, once in IMAX which made the colours UNBELIEVABLE. the last time was on halloween & we were all goth'd up and it was so much fun. I am going to buy this movie literally the second it's out on blu-ray and eat it for breakfast. I have the art book & everything. it's kind of ridiculous.

*Spectre; Nov 5 - Lindsey is super into James Bond movies. like, SUPER into. I can't tell if she wants to be Bond or what. but, of course we had to see this on opening night and in IMAX, so we did, at like 10pm, which was nice. I enjoyed it pretty well? it was a little sloggy & they tried SO HARD to ret-con Silva's story from Skyfall & make Christoph Waltz the same kind of delightfully batty and failed at both. we've seen it only twice, somehow?

*Victor Frankenstein; Nov 23 - I was SO SUPER STOKED about this movie and I was NOT DISAPPOINTED!! it was fun as hell & it was enjoyable enough to have seen it again in December. definitely worth going to watch if you want quirky high-octane focus on Igor & Frankenstein's relationship in a super gay way. (you do, I promise.)

*Technically saw Frankenstein again! but that doesn't really count, haha.

*Star Wars: The Force Awakens; Dec 17th, 21st, 26th; oh my god. oh my god. oh my god I love this movie.