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Movies Seen in 2k16

the list of movies I've seen this year! the idea is to write down new (to me) movies I've seen this year so I remember it.
last year's (incomplete) list

* = seen in theatres
~ = seen at home
- the like scale, 1 - 5; (1 is "never again shall I see this trash" & 5 is "a pretty okay movie")
- the love scale, 1 - 5; (1 is "if this movie were a person I'd smooch it" & 5 is "tattoo this film on my eyelids so I never stop seeing it")

*STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS; Jan 1, 3, 13, 17 (IN IMAX!!), again in Jan but I forget when it was
I know this doesn't count as a "new movie to me" but it's still in theatres for it's first run, so I'm counting it. I did see it 3 times in December.... and my life is still out of control star wars trash tbh. (not that I'm complaining haha)

Iiiiii didn't actually want to see this movie? bc movies about AIs taking over shit tend to freak me out & that's what the trailer made it look like. but Domnhall Gleeson & Oscar Isaac were in it so my roommates wanted to watch it. it certainly was a movie! haha. the ending was super frustrating! & the more I think about it, the more frustrating the ending is.

it got put on in the background for the hell of it. it wasn't great.

*DEADPOOL; Feb 14.
not bad!! definitely stayed true to the character for the most part & I had a lot of fun watching it. I might see it again? I'm not sure?

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